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Communication for business

A universal need

In today's global economy virtually all key roles within an organisation require the ability to communicate effectively in meetings and negotiations, either internally with colleagues or externally with clients or partners. It is important to be able to communicate with colleagues, clients and suppliers in language which is clear, well-structured and persuasive.

Despite the importance of good communication, people often don't understand each other. Without even knowing it, we hold misconceptions about how to communicate effectively with one another. These misconceptions create barriers to achieving a truly meaningful exchange of ideas.

At Studia Training our communication training is tailored to the specific needs of our individual clients, but may as necessary cover aspects of the following:

The Communication Process

How communication actually works and where it can break down.

Perspectives in communication

How the context and our past experiences shape our reception of incoming messages.

Elements of communication

Evaluating the importance of verbal and non-verbal cues in signalling intent. Raised awareness allows us to adjust our own behaviours.

Communication styles

Mapping our own communication styles allows us to understand the likely response of others to the ways in which we express ourselves. This allows us to read situations and adapt our approaches to the situation at hand.

Active Listening and Constructive Feedback

Active Listening enables us to pick up on the cues identified under Elements above, while using feedback effectively serves to clarify each interlocutor´s intent - which prevents misconceptions from taking root.

Questioning Skills

Making effective use of questioning techniques allows not only for better understanding but also for enhanced influence with audiences.

Choice of channel

Selecting the right channel of communication to be as important as the message itself.

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