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The common thread running through our offering is the understanding that clear, open and honest communication is the key to developing both our relationships with others and ourselves.

Our coaching is about building dialogue to drive change in the here and now. Our particular strengths - empathy, intelligence, experience and insight - allow us to engage with professionals in any setting and get the best out of them.  Contact Rupert Harding for details.

Communication skills

Our proven model of facilitation has been used by top international organisations for over fifteen years. We provide effective tools to inform. influence and drive action and create natural situations in which to hone them. One-to-one and group training is available - and in a range of languages. Contact Rupert Harding for details.


Our cross-cultural training draws on a model used by a large number of prominent international organisations including the World Bank. The training we facilitate allows organisations to look at relationships between people from different countries and backgrounds through the prism of culture - in order first to open up dialogue and then to develop actions to minimise conflict and optimise outcomes. Contact Rupert Harding for details.

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