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What we do is give you the tools to communicate effectively in today's globalised world. We see that as depending on the development of three specific but interrelated skillsets: language, communication tools, and culture.
Language training

Our language training offering covers everything from providing a single individual training course for a beginner in Mandarin Chinese to designing and delivering bespoke specialist group training programmes for large numbers of employees. What distinguishes us is our dedication to finding the right solutions every time - by knowing the customer, understanding their needs, mapping their competencies, and training to their strengths.  

Communication skills

In the context of our services, communications skills lie at the intersection between language and culture - calling for linguistic tools to resolve misunderstandings that often have their roots in cultural differences. However, culture is but one filter among many limiting our ability to send and receive messages as we might wish; and the path to good communication lies in truly understanding the needs and expectations of others - and ourselves.

Our training puts practical tools in a coherent conceptual framework - with skilled and sympathetic coaches guiding the way. 


Our cultural offering is aimed at those who have singled out culture as a risk - a potential expectation gap on a massive scale. We work with our partners to deliver training that allows individuals to see themselves objectively in relation to their own and the target culture, identifies areas of similarity and potential difficulty, and maps those beliefs and practices in the target culture that are likely to affect the conduct of business.

With a wealth of detailed research behind it, this is expert training for global professionals. 

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