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Communication skills

Small talk
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Effective communication is becoming ever more important within and between organisations. What's more, the rules are changing - and fast. 
And you've noticed. That's why you're here.

Our communication skills coaching prepares professionals for the sometimes critical real-life situations they are likely to find themselves in during the course of their work.


They need to impress clients and colleagues with the clarity of their vision; they need to drive action through persuasion; they need to handle a difficult situation with sensitivity and tact.


What's more, they need to be able to do these things across many different settings: face-to-face meetings, conference calls, presentations, speeches, articles in news media, blogs, social media profiles.

In the context of our offering, communications skills lie at the intersection between language and culture - requiring language tools to resolve misunderstandings that often have their roots in cultural differences.
Core communication skills: active understanding and proficient production

Active understanding means listening carefully, reading people and anticipating their wants and needs.

Proficient production means expressing yourself so that your audience receives your message in the spirit in which it is intended. 

Our training combines insights about how we send and receive messages - both intentional and unintentional - with a selection of practical tools that enables immediate performance improvement in professional settings.

Whatever your need, our experienced facilitators can design and deliver courses that meet and surpass your expectations. Contact us now for an offer.

Graphic: Communication skills and some associated activities/concepts

Meetings and negotiations
Role plays
Case studies
Politeness theory
Game theory
Structure and rhetoric
Non-verbal communication
Delivery and chunking
Use of visuals
Small talk
Opening strategies
Active listening
Addressing your audience
Connecting ideas
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